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 1841 -  Imagine Early Settlement​:

The Three Brothers Arms opened as The Goats Head Inn in 1841, it is the oldest existing hotel in the Adelaide Hills which has never ceased trade. 


Being built on the high bank of the Angus river the hotel was blessed with a bountiful water supply, it was prime conditions for a brewery and became the stop of choice for the weary traveller. 


The local beer won awards throughout Europe and the United Kingdom, it kept the rangers, farmers and locals well watered for the sixty years that followed. 


In it’s history the hotel has endured fires, and suspected murders (just ask our staff about the local ghost), it has been a pillar of the local area for close to 200 years. 


In modern days music and the arts are the foundation of the establishment. The hotel prides itself on being a no pokies venue and providing excellent restaurant food, great beer, local wines, and friendly service. 


The hotel is run by a family passionate about the arts, and in recent years there has been a focus on bringing more live music to the area with local bands performing every week,  and a number of festivals being held throughout the year. 


With its sweeping lawns down to a tributary of the Angus river, a marquee and beautiful stonework buildings the Three Brothers Arms also makes a beautiful venue for private functions, and has hosted a number of weddings, engagements and milestone birthdays over the years.  


The front bar, affectionately nicknamed the ‘Goats Head Baaah’, with its original wooden shingle roof, stonework, record player, and quirky displays makes a great talking point, and open fires greet punters in the colder months adding a homely and rustic charm. 


In recent years a number of outer stone buildings have been lovingly restored, with ‘Davenport’s Den’ (pictured, bottom right - the hotel was briefly called The Davenport Inn in the early 1900’s) being an area restored specifically for those who prefer to sit in the beer garden in the evenings. Restoration of the heritage stables are also nearly at completion, and an announcement on that area will be made soon. 


The Three Brothers Arms has a large selection of wines in its cellars with wines from many of  the excellent local vineyards on pour and ready for the tasting. Not only is The Three Brothers Arms the oldest pub in the Adelaide Hills but is one of less than a hand full in SA that still operates under its original license.

Come and say hello, talk to us about the music, the food, the gardens or even the ghost! 

Contact us on Facebook or by phone: 83889265

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